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Publishing History

My most recent acceptance was in January 2013 for the short story, "A-Haunting We Will Go," for Bete Noire, coming soon.

I published two short stories in 1994, “The Last Tree” in Child Life, Oct/Nov 94 and “Six Bullets to Kill" in Innisfree

I also published "Barnstormer" and "The Last Tree" in the 1994 Argus, Northwestern State University's literary magazine.

I won second place in the short screenplay category in the 1997 Calliope, Chapman University's literary magazine; third place for the short story, "The Roadkiller" in the 1990 Argus; and third place for The Last Tree in the 1993 Argus.

My Fiction Online and at Ebook Retailers

I use Smashwords.com to distribute my work to other ebook sellers. You can go to Smashwords and buy most of my fiction in any format you need. 

Let me know if I am missing your ebook seller.

My fiction at ebook retailers:
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I also have a book review blog HERE.

I also have a poetry blog for which I make videos reciting poetry for my classes as well as original poetry HERE.

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