Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ana and the House Are One: Foreword

More links and info later. Following is the foreword of my horror novel Ana and the House Are One (formerly House of the Matriarach). You can find the hardcopy at Lulu.com and the digital copy at Smashwords.com under my name, Fred L. Taulbee Jr., and the title. On to the foreword:


    I find it necessary to disclaim that this is a self-published novel. I do so confessingly, not out of shame but out of being informative to you, the constant reader.
    I learned about magazine guideline submissions, obtaining an agent and book publisher guidelines during the late 1980s to the mid 1990s, and then everything changed. Something called the internet arrived, and though it operated like your first car you bought from your weird uncle for a dollar, it eventually got better. It also destroyed how everything worked: especially music, movies and books.
    Self-publication, once derogatorily synonymized as a vanity press, was no longer an anathema. Something else changed, however. The ratio of places to publish your work and the number of people writing flip-flopped, so at one time there were many publishers and magazines and only a few writers willing to physically put pencil to paper or henpeck a typewriter, only a few writers willing to send out submissions through traditional means and on their own dime, only a few writers willing to research by writing letters or dialing a rotary phone with a number that took days to find, and now there are many aspiring writers and so few modes of making it in a paying marketplace.
    This work has been published as an ebook since 2010 under the title House of the Matriarch. After years of struggling with the idea of self publishing my work in hard copy form and after years of trying to promote the ebook version online with no success, I decided to self-publish this novel. I have something I can physically hand to people, and I plan to do just that. I hope that one day this novel will get into the hands of somebody who can help me publish it on a much larger scale and you reading this right now helps.
    So enjoy it, but know that times have changed and if the work and its author are deserving then give us a click somewhere on social media, and thank you for reading. Here it is—let me introduce you to some people.
    Fred L. Taulbee Jr.
    Austin, Texas
    November 2015